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How to use the interactive map:

Hold down the left mouse button to pan around.

Use the mouse's scroll wheel (or the +/- buttons on the map) to zoom in or out.

Click on the "Layer List" button (under the map title in upper left) to view what is available and visible.

Click on the "Legend" button (in the upper left under the map title) to list the legends for all the visible layers.

Layers with detailed labels will only be visible when zoomed-in, so that the features and labels won't overlap.   Example:  Address Points are only visible when zoomed in to a single street on the map.

Shapes can be drawn on the map with the "Draw" button in the upper left (paint palette symbol).

Information about an individual feature is available by left clicking once on the feature inside the map.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Grain Valley's interactive maps, contact


Public Information Map (posted 1/11/2023)








This map contains layers for: