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posted on 5/24/23

Thank you, =AZVJnNXzmUb6EB26xaDe1MXt78BXxzsWrFLwdxJKdOl1MN0YxxGWMfaL7SIRAgQ7zVSb_VmtSY6P0y5FSPXld2ok0iR8oG9PVxESQDYV2GYLVWv31pWYn9UKxnWQybVll82r49ZGLxqNEdjNAkIdJOlh&__tn__=-">K-R">Central Jackson County Fire Protection District, for installing a “Save Station” at Armstrong Park. Through contributions from the Lucille and Bruce Lambert Charitable Foundation, CJCFPD provided six public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED) cabinets around the area.

The AED is located behind the Armstrong Park restrooms, facing the Community Center/City Hall parking lot. In an emergency, the public should call 9-1-1 and use the AED to perform life-saving measures while waiting for first responders to arrive. The AED is stored in a temperature-controlled cabinet, as seen in the photos attached, and is monitored through an alarm system.

We are proud to help keep our citizens and park-goers safe! Directions on properly using the AED can be found on the “Save Station” cabinet or in the following video: =AT31et2AWCZTQv3wS_Aix1X7wUWQbQMnLtGtXULdxU-OaBOtoVRXSOjnpHeKsIIbplodkmfbFksGe-rTrlfevM_Ypj3100gUgaY3rBrqSWTIxPQBqQ-KV7m4m36g7SNrU1uIdZeM1IpQA2R2CYSRWl4E8sgMX6AZ_V1ZGFiOsVeg5Rvh0Q" target="_blank">

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