Victim Services

The Grain Valley and Oak Grove Police Departments combined resources in November 2003 to develop a Victim Services Unit for their departments. The primary goal of this Unit is to serve the needs of victims of crime in the communities of Grain Valley and Oak Grove. This program assists crime victims with direct service intervention and long-term recovery.

So what exactly are your rights as a victim of crime?

  1. To be present at all criminal proceedings where the defendant has that right.
  2. To confer with the prosecutor regarding bail hearings, guilty pleas, pleadings or insanity, hearings, sentencing and probation revocation hearings.
  3. To be present at any hearing in which the defendant is present before a probation and parole hearing officer and to full participation in all phases of parole hearings or probation revocation hearings.
  4. To be heard at juvenile probation revocation hearings, probation revocation and parole hearings initiated by the board of probation and parole, and release proceedings for persons found not guilty by reason of insanity. Victims also may offer a written statement, video, or audio tape in lieu of a personal appearance.
  5. To protection from harmful threats from a defendant for activities arising out of cooperation with law enforcement officials, and the right to a secure waiting area during a court proceeding.
  6. To speedy disposition of cases and speedy appellate review.
  7. To fair employment rights (including the right of a victim, witness or member of a victim’s family not to be discharged or disciplined by an employer for honoring a subpoena or for participation in the preparation of a criminal proceeding).
  8. To regain property from a prosecutor or law enforcement officer once it is no longer needed for evidence or retention during an appeal unless it is contraband or subject to forfeiture proceedings.
  9. To creditor intercession services by the prosecuting attorney if the victim is unable, as a result of the crime, to temporarily meet financial obligations.
  10. To limited compensation for out-of-pocket loss and for qualified medical care necessary as a result of the crime.

You Have the Right to be Safe
The Missouri Adult Abuse Act allows a victim of abuse to petition the court for the following types of relief through an Order of Protection. However, these orders are not always granted by the court. You can file for an Order of Protection against the person who is abusing, stalking, or threatening you at the Adult Abuse Division on the 2nd floor of the Jackson County Courthouse located at:

308 W Kansas
Independence, MO 64050

Filing for an Order of Protection

  • You need an accurate residence or employer address for your abuser
  • You need to bring a picture of your abuser (if at all possible)
  • You need a description of your abuser’s car
  • You do not need an attorney
  • You do not have to pay a filing fee.

An order of protection may contain the following provisions:

  • Orders telling your abuser, stalker, etc. not to abuse, threaten, or otherwise harass you
  • Orders telling your abuser to move out of your home
  • Orders awarding child custody
  • Orders awarding child support (full orders only)
  • Orders telling your abuser not to sell or give away your property, or telling you abuser to return certain items of property to you
  • Orders telling your abuser to contribute to your support (if married)

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Contact an advocate of the Victim Services Unit at the Grain Valley or Oak Grove Police Departments at (816) 847-6250 for help or additional information.

Victim Voice – Victims of Internet Crime Empowered

If you are or have been a victim of cybercrime, the Victim Voice website through the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). Victim Voice provides a wealth of resources related to cybercrime, including prevention tips and steps to take if victimized. This site also allows users to file a complaint about an online crime directly with the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Please check out the Victim Voice website today and share with others to help prevent and combat cybercrime.

Victims of Online Crime/Identity Theft

Not all victims know their assailant; some are victims of cybercrime and identity theft. This type of crime is very frustrating to both the victim the Police and in most cases the perpetrator will never even be identified let alone prosecuted.

If you believe you have been the victims of a cybercrime or identity theft, respond to the Grain Valley Police Department Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm and have them take a report. Then immediately notify all pertinent institutions of the incident. Below are links to assist you in making these notifications tips on what to do if you have been a victim, and forms to download to assist in making the needed reports:

Useful Links

United States Postal Inspectors Office
Missouri Attorney General ID theft/Data Security
Federal Trade Commission
Equifax Identity
Experian Identity Theft Victim Assistance
Transunion Identity Theft/Fraud

Other Identity Theft Resources

Identity Theft Complaint Form
Local Police Identity Theft Incident Report
Identity Theft Resource Guide

Victim Services Needs You

The Victim Services need you. There are 2 current staff Advocates with in the Grain Valley and Oak Grove Police. Both communities have been positively impacted and numerous victims of crime report high level of satisfaction with the support and resources they have received through the Victim Services Unit. The Staff Advocates work hard to serve the needs of both cities but can’t do it alone. Volunteers are sought to assist in the victim advocacy duties. If you are interested please contact the administration at (816) 847-6250 to submit the Volunteer Application to the Grain Valley Police Department.

Grain Valley Police Department
711 Main Street
Grain Valley, MO 64029

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

(816) 847-6250
(816) 795-1960
(816) 847-6259