DARE Drunkbuster Carts Press Release



December 19, 2016

CONTACT: Sara Nadeau




Grain Valley School Resource Officers To Hold First Educational Training for Students of

North Middle School Utilizing New Drunk Buster Carts


GRAIN VALLEY, MO – The Grain Valley Police Department recently acquired two Drunk Buster

Carts utilizing funds provided to them from COMBAT (the Community Backed Anti-Crime Tax). They will debut the carts with students as part of their DARE education on today, December 19 at the North Middle School gym beginning at 1:00.


The School Resource Officers will set up a driving course for the 7th grade students who have recently attended DARE classes with Officer Darin Chance.  They will attempt to drive the Drunk Buster carts through the course while wearing goggles that simulate varying degrees of intoxication.


“The carts along with special goggles will be used throughout the school district to demonstrate the dangers of impaired and distracted driving. There are many risk factors young drivers need to be aware of including fatigue, texting while driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” said Officer Chance.


Members of the media are welcome to try out the carts as well. For more information please contact Officer Darin Chance, 816-935-0146 or Sara Nadeau, 816-405-5468.