Economic Development Corporation

Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Members

Darryl Jones – Chairperson
Yolanda West – Vice Chair
Jeff Smith – Treasurer
Martha Meyer – Secretary
Jeff Coleman
Jeff Grote
David Hackett
Ryan Hunt
Allen Lefko
Teresa McBride
Rod Nofziger
Kim Roam
Rachel Hummel
Lance Schefers
Kelly Smith
Dr. Marc Snow
Mayor Mike Todd
Justin Tyson
David Ward


The nature of this corporation and purpose for which it was organized is as a not for profit and for the purpose of:

  1. promoting the aesthetic, historic, cultural, artistic, recreational, and civic aspects of the community of Grain Valley, Missouri, which contribute to the overall quality of life of its citizens;
  2. promoting economic development in Grain Valley for the general benefit of all citizens of the community, and;
  3. establishing programs which will assist in the creation, establishment, and growth of entrepreneurial efforts within the Grain Valley Community and offer encouragement, resources, and incentives reasonable necessary to achieve these purposes.
Appointment Process

The Board of Directors for the corporation shall be comprised of those persons duly appointed by the membership during it’s annual meeting. Those persons shall include:

  • Grain Valley City Administrator
  • two members of the Board of Aldermen
  • Mayor of the City of Grain Valley
  • one director who serves as a representative of the Grain Valley R-5 School District
  • one member who serves as a representative of Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJCFPD)
  • one director appointed from any leadership or platinum level member
  • eight directors shall be elected by the silver and gold level members from the gold and silver level membership
  • one director shall be elected by the bronze and business level membership from the bronze or business level membership
  • the Board may choose to add up to three additional at-large directors by appointment at the annual meeting

Regular meetings shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at:
EDC Offices
1450 SW Eagles Drive
Grain Valley, MO 64029