Community Development Committee

Members & Term

(6) Members – 2 per Ward

Lynne Berend
Mark Clark
Jerry Morain
Eddie Saffel
Pauline Stricklin

Board of Aldermen Liaison: Nancy Totton

Members serve a Two (2) Year Term


Assists with policy and process development for the Community Development, makes recommendations to Board of Aldermen, assists with issues where city ordinances, policies, process and procedures may not provide clear guidance.


Members must own property and reside in Grain Valley for at least 3-years; members must not be related to staff or elected officials.

Appointment Process

Members are appointed by the Mayor of Grain Valley.


Meetings are help at 6:30 pm beginning on the first Tuesday of February and bi-monthly througout the year.


Members must not miss more than two consecutive meetings in a six month period, or three meetings in one year period.

For more information, contact Rick Arroyo at 816-847-6222 or